Bored with Gym then try Fun Workouts


Fun workouts are a great alternative if you want to bust out of the gym from boredom or lack of motivation. You will be very surprised that the calorie burn with these simple fun exercises is remarkable.

Here are some suggestions that I consider game changing in the workout world. (1) Look for Ultimate Frisbee pick up games. You can play this with your family and even get the dog involved. You will do some running while playing but coordination to catch the frisbee is challenging. As you get better in this you will find that joining a league Hoopmakes it even more enjoyable. (2) A great substitute for aerobics is Hula Hooping. As a kid growing up I never thought that the Hula Hoop would be considered a good toner of muscles as well as great balance and flexibility activity. (3) Dancing from ballroom to salsa can tone the lower body and trunk while having great couple fun. It is amazing how many calories are burnt with an hour of dancing. (4) Rowing will work your quads, glutes, abs, shoulders and biceps in an amazing way. What is also great about rowing you can pick a nice scenic route and eliminate the boring scenery of a pool. Definitely more stimulating and I promise will definitely work those muscles. (5) Hiking especially with a backpack provides good cardio and weight bearing exercises making this a definite fun exercise with awesome views. (6) Ice skating is a great substitute for walking and this probably tops the list as the most fun exercise. (7) Cross Country skiingskiing will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors and have an intense cardio and body workout. (8) Cycling gives you a great cardio workout and is one of the best workouts for building up endurance in the legs. While cycling you can have your choices of scenic routes.

The best advise is to keep your workouts interesting and challenging no matter where the exercise is done. This will keep you healthy, motivated and pleased with the way you look! Guaranteed!!!!