Brett Favre Was An IronMan Early On (click watch)

Brett Favre So. Miss.

Brett Favre attended North Central High School, Mississippi where he played baseball & football. On the football team Brett  Favre played QB, lineman, strong safety, place kicker and punter. With his father as head football coach, Irwin Favre primarily ran a run oriented offense. Thus Brett Favre rarely threw more than 5 passes in a game!

After high school Brett Favre accepted a scholarship to Southern Mississippi where they wanted him to play defensive back. Brett Favre only wanted to play QB!  He got his wish and did get the starting QB position by being called into the 3rd game of his freshman year.

On July 14, 1990 Brett Favre was involved in a near fatal car accident. All Brett Favre kept saying after this was “will I ever play football again”. As you know Brett Favre was larger than life finishing his college football career and then onto the NFL drafted by the Atlanta Falcons.

Brett Favre’s Roots As An IronMan Started In College. A Must Watch!