Brett Favre Helps Rebuilding Oak Grove HS Athletic Facility (read)

Favre gets hydotherapy system fo HS

Brett Favre HS sidelinesIn February 2013 the Oak Grove High School (Mississippi) athletic facility was severely damaged by a tornado where Brett Favre was the offensive coordinator of the football team.

Brett Favre wanted to help in rebuilding the schools athletic facility. Brett Favre wanted to get a high quality hydrotherapy system for the high school.

Brett Favre set things in motion for this when he put Oak Grove High School athletic trainer Kevin Mauldin in touch with head trainer of the Packers Pepper Burress. Because the Green Bay Packers were longtime customers of Grimm Scientific, Burress recommended that Mauldin and Favre contact Joseph Grimm, president and CEO of Grimm Scientific Industries. They are the exclusive manufactures of the Grimm CryoTherm hydrotherapy system.

The whirlpool like system manufactured by this Marietta,Ohio based company uses alternating hot & cold tubs to help rejuvenation and recovery of athlete’s muscles and joints. The unit has been used for several years by many NFL & college teams but it’s only the second in the country to be installed in a high school.

After a little negotiation , Brett Favre and Joseph Grimm were able to come to a deal and the hydrotherapy system was installed in the field house athletic training facility. Brett Favre made this all possible by raising the money through his foundation.

The Grimm CryoTherm hydrotherapy system is part of the ongoing field house project for Oak Grove HS which includes a weight room, coaches/coordinators offices, locker and equipment rooms.

Brett Favre is always willing to help kids and veterans!