Brett Favre Never Gave Up In Football & Life! (watch)


Brett Favre grew up in Kiln, Mississippi where he played football for Hancock North Central High School. His father, Irvin Favre was coach of the team preferring Brett run with the ball rather than pass in a run offense scheme. Brett Favre got his wish to play QB at Southern Mississippi where he played for 4 years!!!!

Brett Favre was a 20 year veteran of the NFL playing for the Atlanta Falcons (’91), Green Bay Packers (’92-’07), NY Jets (’08) & Minnesota Vikings (’09-’10). He had his best career moments with the Packers as a Super Bowl champion (XXXl) & 3x NFL MVP (’95,’96 & ’97).

He loved the game of football. Brett Favre learned real fast that when taking a hard hit the most important thing is to get up & fight back. Football is like life!!!! Watch this awesome video of Brett Favre loving the game & coming back stronger than ever after taking his shots!!!!


Brett Favre Was One Tough Guy On The Field!!!!