Brett Favre’s Foundation Towards Legacy Started Early (Watch)

Brett Favre in college

Brett Favre played football for Hancock North Central High School where is father Irvin Favre was the head coach. After high school, Brett Favre was offered a scholarship to play for Southern Mississippi. As QB for the Golden Eagles he held several records until most were surpassed by Austin Davis by the end of the 2011 season.

Brett Favre’s road towards legacy was paved by his dad and by his play in high school and college. Brett Favre showed signs of greatness early in high school which carried over to the playing field in college.

His love of the game can be seen in this highlight video which provided the excitement to all who attended the game. Brett Favre’s early days on the playing field set the stage for greatness!

Seeing this highlight video of Brett Favre shows his ability in high school, coming back from severe injuries in a car accident and outstanding  play in a small Mississippi college. Must See!!