Can’t Lose Belly Fat When You Workout Regularly

waist line

Did you ever ask the question why you have not lost belly fat if you are working out on a regular basis.

The first thing that you must understand is that toning and exercise alone doesn’t always do the trick.

I am going to present some helpful hints so you can quit wondering and tackle the problem. Hopefully this will unlock the body you so desire! Follow these simply tweaks and there will be no more wasted workouts.

(1) Turn up the intensity

working-outKick the belly fat in the butt. Start interval training in which you mix intense periods with easier rest periods. This spikes your metabolism and keeps you burning calories and belly fat even after the workout session.

(2) Reduce Sugar Intake and Fill Up on Fiber

Studies have shown that consuming sugar whose main ingredient is fructose is definitely associated with belly fat. We all know what foods and snacks contain sugar so if you want to say bye bye to fat stay away from foods high in sugar. It has been proven that people who chose whole grain foods over refined ones have less belly fat.

(3) Engage Your Core

group-women-working-outThe best way to engage your core is with proper posture while working out. When the stabilizing muscles around your torso are weak you back arches and your hips and abdomen go forward. To minimize this posture pull you belly button in, squeeze your gluteal muscles and pull you shoulders back. Proper alignment means everything in working out.

(4) Take a Mental Break

Too much stress causes the body to release a hormone called Cortisol. This hormone present will fast track fat deposits straight and deep into the abdominal area. Exercise acts like a chill pill to this hormone and crushes its flight path.

It is not easy in today’s world to minimize your physical and emotional stress but the best way to overcome its affect is through exercise. Best advise is to take that mental break from everyday stress and release that anxiety.

(5) Is It Smarter to Workout in AM or PM?

workout-partners-2Many disagree in this gray area. Some say that early birds burn more fat and lose pounds easier and others say you perform better if you wait until muscles are warmed from activity during the day.

However you don’t need studies to understand the principle that STUFF HAPPENS! Many times the later you plan to workout the odds are that something can get in the way such as work, fatigue or even happy hour. My best advise is get the workout over in the early morning. This makes the day alot easier and you can handle the daily stress like a champ.

(6) Cardio vs Weights

weightsIf you are going all out during a workout keep the two separate because which ever you do second will certainly suffer. If you have the privilege of working out the majority of the week then different days for each. If you have a limited schedule and want to burn that belly fat do cardio first then onto the weights. It has been proven via studies that cardio before weights has a slightly higher after burn effect on your metabolism than a weight regimen.

Hoping these helpful hints can stop the frustration of that belly fat syndrome!