Developing Mental Toughness in the NFL

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Developing mental toughness in NFL players is just as important as physical toughness for success on the field.

Many NFL teams have been utilizing sports psychologists to develop players proper mindset.

The idea of using psychology  only when something is wrong in an individual is based on public stigma or opinions. Case in point, the Super Bowl Champions of last year the Seattle Seahawks have embraced the mental well being of their players as an ingredient for success. The idea in Seattle that happy players make for better players proved that it worked there, thus creating a championship team.

Pete CarrollIt all started with the coach of the Seattle Seahawks, Pete Carroll. Coach Carroll learned early that being fired is not the end of the world but an opportunity to move forward. Part of his success is attributed to working with the team sports psychologist. He now has an understanding that building a successful team is not just on the playing field but on the mental toughness of his players. Coach Carroll and management have developed a softer side of the game by caring about the players physically and mindset wise.

The primary focus of ¬†mental toughness or training is meditation where the players are encouraged to look inside themselves and set visualized goals. Many of the Seahawk players feel meditation is just as important as lifting weights in the weight room. It is all about quieting the mind and focusing. Once focused everything outside of you doesn’t matter for the moment. That is pure concentration and mental toughness.

russell wilsonThe Seattle Seahawks pride themselves on the mental well being of players and developing positive attitudes. The best example of the above is in their quarterback Russell Wilson. His belief in positive mindset gives him the mental toughness to perform great things on the field. He definitely sets goals and eventually surpasses them. He has led the Seahawks to the playoffs in his rookie season and onto the Super Bowl the following year. He has a great passing record and tied Peyton Manning’s record for touchdowns scored in his rookie season. His foundation definitely reflects the power of positive mindset.

The Seattle Seahawks have embraced the physical and emotional well being of their players to create a Super Bowl Champion and a dominating team!!