Life Changing Benefits of Regular Exercise


Studies have shown that people who engage in regular exercise live on the average 3 to 7 years longer than a couch potato.

It is a proven fact that no matter what age you are regular exercise will better your life in many ways. Being aware of these life changing benefits is hard to ignore.

I can safely say that after reading this article you will not need convincing about the importance of regular exercise. So lets get started!

Weight Control

It is a fact that regular exercise will prevent weight gain and maintain the weight loss by burning calories on a consistent basis. The more vigorous the exercise the more calories you burn. Besides setting aside time for exercise you can always incorporate more activity during the day. Getting in the mindset to use an elevator or consider house hold cleaning as exercise adds to the calorie burns.


Jumping on the beachDaily regular exercise definitely reduces the incidence of heart disease and high blood pressure. Known fact that exercise elevates good cholesterol (HDL’s) and decreases unhealthy triglycerides. Maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system prevents stroke, diabetes, certain cancers, arthritis and depression. It is also statistically proven that stronger muscle and bones from regular exercise will deter falls.


Regular exercise stimulates natural brain chemicals that make you feel better and more relaxed especially after a stressful day. Getting to the gym or taking walks will give you that lift. The other side of this is you will feel better about the way you look improving self esteem and confidence.

Energy Rising

With regular workouts there is a natural increase of muscle strength and endurance thus enhancing your cardiovascular system. More oxygen and nutrients results in a spike of energy levels.


sexy sleepIt is a known fact that regular exercise can get you into a deeper sleep much faster and it will end the struggle to fall asleep. Just be aware that activity before bedtime may get you well energized to fall into the sleep comfort zone!

Sex Life Will be Ignited

Have you ever felt too tired or out of shape to enjoy SEX?? The bottom line here is that feeling energized and confident will have a positive effect and bring back your sex life with a roar! Known fact regular exercise stimulates female arousal and decreases erectile dysfunction in men.

Fun Part of Exercise

family_lifeLook at regular exercise as a fun way to spend time not a working chore! Guaranteed you will be more relaxed so you can enjoy family life and and friends. The element of boredom will not come into play once you establish an enjoyable exercise routine.

Most important to remember if you have not exercised in a while always check with your doctor especially if you have any underlying health problems. Once you get the green light life for you will be totally awesome!!