Must Eats for Super Athletes


Most super athletes as a result of superstition, ritual or tradition develop food habits that stays with them for the remainder of their careers. Super athletes have certain pregame meals that become a necessity and most consider their lucky food traditions part of their success.

Let’s take for example Super Quarterback of the Denver Broncos 38 year old Peyton Manning. He may attribute his stellar success and performance to hard work and focus but it is known that he eats the same meal before every single game no matter what time the game starts.

Question that I have is whether he kept to that ritual before last years Super Bowl??

grilled chickenConsuming the same food before the game in my mind falls into the category of superstition. So what does this great quarterback eat before every kickoff. The meal consists of two pieces of grilled chicken, bowl of pasta with marinara sauce, a plain baked potatoe and side of broccoli. To drink he usually has gatorade to give him added electolytes.

Perhaps trying this good luck meal may mean success for you but you can be sure this meal is HEALTHY!!