What Do You Need to Start a Sports Rehabilitation Center?

rehab center

A sports rehabilitation center is essentially a physical therapy practice that’s designed specifically for professional or amateur athletes.

If you’re interested in starting your own sports rehabilitation center, you might be surprised to find that it’s a serious investment to solve your staffing and equipment needs.

Sports rehab centers require a great deal of weight lifting equipment, cardiac equipment, treatment modalities, whirlpools/pools, treatment tables, mats etc.

Weight Training

A ┬ásports rehabilitation center will have a significant amount of weight lifting equipment. Most professional athletes incorporate weight training regularly.To them it is an important aspect to staying healthy and physically fit. When you’re injured and require rehabilitation to come back from your injury, you expect to be introduced into a weight lifting routine that’s manageable and safe. The faster you start lifting weights again and learn to reuse those muscles, the easier your recovery will be. The weight training equipment needed by a sports rehabilitation center isn’t as much as a gym. Instead, one of each machine will likely do fine considering that there won’t be that many patients using the equipment at one time.



Although swimming is not always applicable to a broad spectrum of sports, it can be very important in the rehabilitation process. Many sports rehabilitation centers have pools.

Swimming is one of the greatest forms of exercise available to humans. It’s very physically demanding, builds muscle and it’s an excellent cardiovascular workout. Many people don’t realize just how effective swimming can be for losing weight and getting healthy. Instead of straining your joints on a treadmill, you can get the same great workout by doing laps in a pool. There’s much less pressure on your body and it’s great for those who have injuries that won’t be affected by water.

Basic Stretching

When you’re injured, stretching can become a tedious and sometimes painful thing to do. Sometimes stretching is the only workout you will be doing in the beginning stages of your recovery. You have to get used to the motions of your body again and when you’ve had ┬ásurgery or an injury this can be very difficult. Basic stretching equipment includes balls, tables, mats, elastic straps etc

Sports Equipment

Whichever sport you cater to have equipment that will best rehabilitate getting back to playing that particular game.

Treatment Modalities

stim unitThis area deals with the initial phase of acute pain from an injury or surgery. Some of the essential equipment needed are hot/cold packs, electrical stimulators, ultrasound devices, cold laser light therapy, cervical/lumbar traction and whirlpools.


In staffing a facility you must employ licensed and quality physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers and sports psychologists. It is suggested to have physical therapy assistants and aids to work in the sports rehabilitation center especially when the patient volume is there.

Much like any business, sports rehabilitation centers can be costly start ups, but the reward of owning your own physical therapy center can be very satisfying.