What NFL Players Do Before A Game?

Packer Locker Room

NFL players arrive at the stadium about 2 to 2 1/2 hours before kick off which may not seem like a long time but to the players it is forever. Players arrive way after the smell of tailgaiting parties fill the air and numerous fans wearing their favorite NFL players jersey. This waiting for the action to start happens in every stadium.

Upon entering the locker room the players go to their locker and and check out what is hanging up in their locker and all the necessities. NFL players enjoy seeing that fresh jersey hanging up neatly. Kind of reminds you how Batman feels just before suiting up! Most players settle in by reading the game day program which is placed by each and every locker. The majority of players officially get invigorated for a game by showering before they suit up thus officially waking up their bodies.

NFL player tapedThe center of pre game activity is in the training room area where players get last minute treatments such as massages, whirlpool, steam therapy, physical therapy and even acupuncture. NFL players get to the trainers for their customized tapping jobs depending on previous injuries and needed support.

It is now time to for the players to check out the field and to familiarize themselves with the playing surface. Here players will jog around or make gentle cuts on the turf in order to test the cleats. This is Redskin warmupimportant because cleats have to be the proper size  for the field and weather conditions. Many of the elite players have the trainers perform the stretching either on the field or back in the locker room.

Now it is time to officially suit up for the game. That means top, pants, shoulder pads, thigh pads, cleats and any other joint support (braces). In the center of the locker room is where the players get their goodies such as arm sleeves, wristbands, game socks, gloves and even chewing gum.

What must not be overlooked in the locker room is music. For the most part every team has a player who provides the music from his personal Ipod. Many NFL players will be seen wearing head phones to select their own brand of music. Music usually sets the mood for the team.

ColtsA tradition in every locker room is the team prayer where the head coach gets everybody together to hold hands, bow heads and recite. The process of team prayer is a very effective tool for unifying a team and get them ready for action.Thus the team is ready to do battle on the field!!