NFL Teams that Won Super Bowls Against the Odds

Daily News; Frontpage; Headline; 1/13/97

It is always nice to take a look into Super Bowl history and see what teams were not supposed to be Super Bowl Champions! Call it what you want underdogs, against all odds or just the surprise Cinderella team. I am going to take a nostalgic journey into teams that made this fantastic journey to the Big Show and came out on top. Lets go back in time!!

(1) The Kansas City Chiefs in 1969 knocked off the heavily favored Vikings. Chiefs starting QB Len Dawson went down mid-season with an injury. Back up QB Mike Livingston carried team into playoffs. Dawson returned to beat the Jets and Raiders in the post season getting them into the Super Bowl. Rest is history and Lombardi Trophy!

Eli Manning(2) The NY Giants in 2007 overcame the oddsmakers by defeating the Patriots. The G Men had ¬†finished the regular season 10-6 behind Dallas. ¬†They won 3 consecutive playoff games at Tampa Bay, Dallas and Green Bay. I’m sure Giant fans remember this feat especially in Green Bay where the cold was felt through the TV. The Patriots thought the Giants would be easy stuff towards the Lombardi trophy! Wrong!

(3) The Oakland Raiders in 1980 defeated the heavily favored Eagles. First string QB Dan Pastorini sustained a fracture in his leg and was replaced by Jim Plunkett. He led the Raiders to the first wild card team in NFL history to win the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady(4) The New England Patriots in 2001 knocked off heavily favored St. Louis. The Patriots lost QB Drew Beldsoe early in the season and was replaced by Tom Brady. He led the Patriots to an amazing division title and led the Patriots to a win in the Big Game. We all know the rest when it comes down to Tom Brady and the Patriots!

(5) The NY Jets in 1969 defeated the Colts. Nobody gave the Jets a chance against the dominant Colts in this game. Joe Namath did guarantee a win and he delivered on his promise. This win created a competitive atmosphere between the NFL and the old AFL. As I Jet fan I do remember that game quite well!

Kurt Warner(6) The St. Louis Rams in 2000 defeated the favored Tennessee Titans. Kurt Warner emerged as a leader on the field as he was called into action following an injury to QB Trent Green. He played in arena football prior to coming into the NFL but was a field general for the Rams during the season. Non of the oddsmakers thought they would ever get into the Super Bowl.