One On One Workout With Brett Favre! (watch)

Brett Favre

Here you have legendary QB Brett Favre working one on one with an Oak Grove HS Warrior receiver on a beautiful field in Mississippi. Brett Favre is teaching this young receiver moves, footing, hand coordination, pass routes and tricks scouts will look for!

You will notice every pass Brett Favre throws is laser accurate and at the letters. The player he is working with never drops a pass and is taking every word in from the Legendary Brett Favre! You will notice in this video that Brett Favre is very patient working with this Oak Grove High School player.

How lucky is this kid? College scouts should sign him up right then and there! Brett Favre is a master at grooming quarterbacks and receivers given the high school football team a tremendous edge!


Look at the way Brett Favre is working one on one with young high school players!