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I met Michael Cooperman at my gym after an injury to my back. My legs were weak and my back was tight after not being able to exercise for a month. He worked with me one on one twice a week until I regained my muscle strength. He gave me stretching exercises that I continue to use to help me get moving in the morning and to sleep better at night. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Michael.

-Liz Perez

Hi Michael,

Not sure if you’ll remember me, but you probably will. Andrea Rosen from Fresh Meadows. You were my first experience with Physical Therapy in 1990 after my shoulder surgery, and then in later years, you treated my cervical issues. I happened to Google Williams Flexion exercise this evening, and the first link I clicked on was your YouTube video. I was surprised when the video began and it was YOU! I recognized you immediately, before you mentioned your name! Most PT practices nowadays are like PT factories. I wish you were still around. Where are you now?? The last I knew you were in Manhattan; I think I had tried to find you years ago, but I don’t think you still had the office in Manhattan at that time.I miss your PT and your humor!

-Andrea Rosen

Hi Michael

I lost the email where we corresponded so I hope that you remember me. I was your patient at Gramercy Park PT for my lower back discs and for a torn meniscus of my left knee. I’m getting ready to see an orthopedist at Beth Israel Hospital to discuss the same issue but with my right knee and physical therapy afterwards. I really would like to know if there is someone in NYC that you would recommend here that does therapy as you did. Not just some knee bends and stretches and jump on a bike. My mom had the same knee problem with a lot of arthritis and went to a therapist after her surgery and she refuses to go back. I never had any pain when I had therapy with you Michael and if you can steer me in the right direction you’d have a devoted former patient in NYC. It has to be kismet because I found your old business card from Gramercy Park PT.

-Carmen V

I thank my lucky stars the day my life intersected with Michael Cooperman. I consulted with Michael for unrelenting neck, shoulder and arm pain that was completely impacting both my job and life. After reading my MRIs and an examination, Michael developed a treatment plan for me. He was quite direct that he could assist me in overcoming this injury but that it would only succeed if I diligently performed daily at home the exercises he prescribed. I did do those exercises even when I didn’t feel like doing them because I was not about to defeat the focused determination Michael put into every session to ensure my improvement and well-being. With his direction and assistance, I did overcome that injury.

Michael Cooperman is not only a dedicated, focused professional whose clients/patients benefit from his lifetime of knowledge and experience but also a gentleman and all around good guy.

-Pat Robbin, New Jersey

Michael Cooperman succeeded in reducing edema in my right foot and ankle. I suffered a Jones fracture and torn tendons and ligaments. The exercises he prescribed has decreased my edema and given me a much better range of motion. I have recently returned to ballroom dancing with huge success. Kudos Michael!

-Norma W

I met Michael three years ago at No Body Denied Fitness in New Jersey. Upon meeting him & finding out about his credentials I knew he would be helpful with many of my clients especially those that had surgical procedures. While he was a physical therapist there he did help many clients of mine with his professional advise especially with their exercise routines.

-Spencer R, Certified Personal Trainer

After working together for more than 25 years I feel comfortable in expressing the following. Michael Cooperman is a conscientious, hard working and determined physical therapist. He presents himself professionally at all times with focus on the needs of his patients and their course of treatment. This determined approach invariably resulted in patient progress and satisfaction.

Michael applied a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve the best outcomes for each patient by maintaining open communications with referring physicians and other disciplines.

-Sidney Gerson PT

I have had the pleasure of working with Michael Cooperman in a professional capacity for approximately 20+ years as a consultant Occupational Therapist at Gramercy Park Physical Therapy and Metro Sports Med Physical Therapy.  He is, in my opinion the single best Physical Therapist with whom I have ever dealt. We have shared many patients over the years and my patients’ results from working with Michael always far exceeded all expectations. My patients always note the difference when other physical therapists worked with them, always stating to me that Michael was far better and could obtain better results through his knowledge and training.

On a personal note, he is one of the most pleasant, dedicated, and honest people with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. He is truly wonderful and a credit to our field.

-Stacey Kessler,
Licensed Occupational Therapist

I first became a patient of Michael Cooperman in 1988 after arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus and the atrophy associated with my condition of osteochondritis dissecans. Mr. Cooperman’s treatment regimen not only strengthened my left knee but greatly increased my flexibility and mobility which enabled me to resume my career in sales which required significant travel. His dedication to caring, professionalism and experience as a physical therapist helped me recover well ahead of schedule.

Years later, he assisted me in my recovery from a total hip replacement and multiple impairments including spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease,scoliosis and sciatica. His skill level helped relieve significant pain and numbness and I was a beneficiary of his 30 plus years of experience.

-Robert Coli Phoenix, Arizona

To whom it may concern. I am writing this letter of reference in regards to Mr. Michael Cooperman PT.

I had the great pleasure of working with him a few years ago within a fitness facility.

As Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist of thirty years experience I have known and worked with many physical therapists as well as other fitness, rehab, wellness professionals ,most of them very good.

In all of my years though I have never worked with a Physical Therapist who has exhibited more knowledge,experience,passion or professionalism within the industry as Michael.

He was always helpful to consult with whether I was working with him in my Massage Therapist capacity or Personal Trainer capacity.

Given my observations as Michael as a professional as well as getting to know him as a person I highly recommend him in what ever capacity you could want him in.

If you have any questions you can feel free to reach out to me at 201-738-2022.

-Sincerely Steve Guttman
Owner Mind Body Dynamics