Quality Nutrition and Sports Performance


It is a known fact that better nutrition will enhance your sports performance. All of you must of heard the expression “you are what you eat” has been around for ages.

What you place in your mouth directly affects the way you feel and perform. Food is the energy source your body needs to power, perform  and heal on a daily basis.

Diets that are high in carbohydrates, have imbalances of pH or omega 3 are nutrient deficient and affect the body only in a negative way. Deficient diets definitely affects sports performance due to symptoms of early fatigue, stress, brain dysfunction and even depression.

What Can We Do To Fuel The Body Properly

fast-foodThe majority of Americans rely on convenient, processed and chemical laden food. We live in a ever moving world so many feel it is easier to go to fast food places rather than cook. It is price to pay on your body because our bodies were not made to respond to fried foods or donuts.

The sugary drinks, coffee and artificially flavored juices also cause distress within the human body. Ingesting these foods and beverages does not allow the body to function properly thus directly affecting sports performance. Any easy analogy is that if a fish was in a bowl filled with these foods and beverages they could not survive.

Best advice I can give you to stay away from these types of food and beverages and you will definitely see and feel the difference. Peak sports performance is on its way!!

What Does a Balanced Diet Consist Of ?

dietjpg-5fkhc0hgThe key to a nutritious diet is to make sure your body has the right combination of proteins, carbohydrates, dairy products, fruits and vegetables and even some healthy fats.

Let’s start with whole grains which are important in a balanced diet because they supply complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs burn off slowly throughout the day. Simple starches such as white rice burn off quickly and provide short term energy boost.

Vegetables are essential because they supply needed vitamins and minerals, give the body water and are low in fat and calories. Leafy greens supply fiber while carrots and sweet potatoes supply plenty Vitamin A.

Fruits supply valuable vitamins and minerals and eating the skins on fruit further improves your diet with plenty of fiber. Processed juices are often very sugary and the vitamins are eliminated.

Dairy products supply calcium and protein but can also be high in fat and sugar.

Meat and beans provide protein, which keeps hunger at bay and provides a longer fuel supply than simply starches. The best protein sources are lean cuts of meat, seafood and beans. Beans also provide much needed fiber which aides the digestive system.

Every balanced diet should have some fat but instead of loading up your bread with butter or pouring dressing over a salad try to consume seafood and nuts which contain healthy fats such as omega-3. These are some ideas of what a healthy diet should consist but the list of healthy foods can go on and on. There are plenty of articles to help you in making a decision.

Sports Performance and Quality Diet

Peak-Athletic-performanceIt is a well known fact that proper eating habits will definitely improve an athletes sports performance in many ways. My best suggestion if you want a well designed diet for your needs is to consult a certified nutritionist and follow her program to bring out the best in your sports performance. Guaranteed you will see the difference in a short period of time.