Simple Ways To Reduce Back Pain

Inflamed lower back pain

Anyone suffering with back pain probably has strong motivation to find a way to alleviate it. The first thing you should do if you are suffering from any significant type of pain in your back is to make an appointment with your doctor. Going to your doctor can help you rule out more serious issues such as a disc problem.

Once you have seen your doctor, and ruled out any serious problems, chances are pretty good that the pain you are experiencing is a result of a muscle strain. The good news is that back pain from this type of injury can usually be alleviated without having to use a lot of medication, or go through extensive medical treatment

7 Tips For Back Pain ReliefInitial Steps to Reduce Acute Pain

The first step in taking care of the pain in your back is to reduce acute pain. By applying an ice pack to the area, you can greatly reduce the amount of pain you are having. Cold serves to numb the area that is painful and reduce the inflammation that is present in the region.

The general rule is to use ice for the first 48 hours after the initial onset of back pain. When there is a reduction of the acute pain you can start using heat packs. Heat can help relax the muscles and tissues that are painful and tight.

Best Methods to Prevent Back Pain

Once you have managed to take care of the acute stage, the next thing you should do is to start looking at ways to prevent the pain from returning.

One of the most beneficial things you can do to prevent suffering from discomfort in your back in the future is strengthening your core muscle groups. Core muscles, which include your abdominal muscles, are muscles that provide stability to your body.

By strengthening them you will be providing more support to your back thus reducing the tendency to injury. Simple exercises such as crunches, sit ups and leg raises can go a long way toward improving your core strength. Low back stretching exercises are also important to reduce the risk of lower back pain.Lower Back Pain

Importance of Losing Weight

In addition to strengthening and stretching your core, you should also look into losing some weight. A lot of people with back problems are overweight. When you lose weight you lighten the workload off your back, which will help  prevent future strains. Dropping a few pounds can go a long way in preventing future back pain. Remember when dieting that you don’t have to go on an extreme diet. By simply eating a healthy well balanced diet, you will lose the weight and take the stress of the back.

Follow These Simple Methods

Back pain is something that affects a large segment of the population. Fortunately in many cases the pain is the result of a minor injury that you can usually treat on your own. While it’s important to see your doctor to rule out any serious problems, chances are that the root of the pain is something relatively minor. By using ice and heat packs you can get immediate relief from back discomfort.

To help prevent future issues with back pain start an exercise program that strengthens your core, learn proper stretching techniques and lose weight. These three factors are extremely important in reducing the onset of back pain.