Skype Consultation/Call

The Benefits Of A One On One Skype Consult

You will be talking with a licensed physical therapist who has over 35 years treating sports related & traumatic injuries; orthopedic & neurological disorders. The eduction you get through a Skype consult will definitely help you through the physical rehabilitation process needed for recovery.

For example- playing sports like tennis, football, baseball & soccer you are bound to see a calf pull or strain. Learning the basic stretches in the early or acute stage & performing then correctly is so important. How to progress the stretching when past the early stages is critical so as not to inflame or irritate the calf muscle and delay healing. When the calf muscle goes through the stretching phases then it is on to learning the best way to strengthen. Knowledge is power when it comes to overcoming an injury or ailment. Looking forward to seeing you on Skype!