Spend a Day in NFL Training Camp

Arriving at Camp

NFL training camps have officially started and the battle to start a season officially begins in the hot summer days. Days are never ending, pain and pressure mount. Most pro players look at training camp as the worst month of the year. When players are in front of the cameras and media everyone is excited and happy to be out on the field working hard. Players in the locker room will tell you how difficult camp can be!

Lets see what a typical day is like in an NFL training camp.

Wake up is at 6AM and off to breakfast. A typical breakfast will consist of oatmeal, eggs and plenty of juice. Players then make their way to the training room for mandatory treatment on any injuries. Team trainers know every players bruises, strains and ailments so players are obligated to be there.

weight roomAfter finishing treatment players head over to the gym for about an hours worth of weight lifting. Most players feel lifting weights is torturous but that is the way to get the body going.

Team meetings happen after the gym which is conducted by the head coach. Once the head coach speaks briefly the team is broken up into special teams and the quarterbacks head off into their own meeting.

The special team meeting ends after watching tape for about an hour. This tape is usually breaking down the film from the previous days practice.

This meeting is followed by another hour meeting for the offensive and defensive players. It is after this the players go to their lockers and get ready for the first on field practice.

NFL Practice 1The first practice  usually consists of walking through plays discussed in the meetings and generally shorts and helmets are worn. First practice is 2 hours long. Players go to lunch after and have some time to relax by taking a nap or heading back to the trainers room. Many players take advantage of this free time by socializing with each other.

This time goes fast for the players and before they know it the second practice is ready to start. This time is the most difficult for players as they have to motivate themselves for this competitive practice.

Bengals practice 2Early evening is the start of the second practice. Players are usually in full uniform because of the heavier contact. No doubt this practice is more physically demanding. Here you will see players working on technique, execution and at full speed. This is the time that players compete and hopefully catch the eyes of the coaches. The rule with this type of practice is that there is NO form of full speed tackling or falling to avoid injury.

With the conclusion of this 2 hour practice most players are relieved that the hardest part of the day is done but it is not over. There are more meetings on the schedule and keeping awake is the hardest part. The players get to their rooms with an hour left before bedtime to watch some TV or be on the phone with family. Most players usually have no difficulty falling into a deep sleep!

Any player will tell you NFL Training Camp is a tremendous challenge because of the demanding schedule. Training camp is not fun but all hard work. Every player is happy when it is over and looking forward to the start of the regular season.