Troy Aikman Knows How To Cope With Headaches! (watch)


Many people know Troy Aikman as one of the most recognizable figures ever to grace the gridiron. He was a 3x Super Bowl champion, Pro Football Hall of Fame & Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor inductee.

For years many thought Troy Aikman was only experiencing headaches but he was finally diagnosed as a migraine sufferer after seeing a physician. Many also thought Troy Aikman’s headache complaints were related to his history of concussions but that was not the case.

When Troy Aikman experienced what he thought was a simple headache, he chose to tough it out until he decided it was getting too much with his busy work schedule. A visit to his doctor set him on the right path to cope with migraine headaches.

Now since Troy Aikman has had a positive result with treatment he is encouraging those with frequent headaches to stop toughing it out & see a doctor. Lets hear Troy Aikman talk about migraines……………………………….

Troy Aikman Knows How To Avoid Headaches!