Troy Aikman Talks About Concussions! (watch)


Troy Aikman’s final season with the Dallas Cowboys was in 2000. Troy Aikman suffered from several concussions during the season & as a result there was a revolving door at QB between him & former Eagles QB Randall Cunningham.

Troy Aikman’s final game at home was vs the Washington Redskins that year. Troy Aikman was hit by Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington thus suffering his 10th & final concussion of his career.

During the 2001 off season, Troy Aikman was waived a day before he was due a $70 million/7 year contract extension. Troy Aikman ultimately announced his retirement on April 9, 2001 after failing to find another team.

Listen to Troy Aikman’s take on concussions & the NFL’s stand on head injuries………….

Troy Aikman has concern about concussions!