Troy Aikman’s Tips For Staying Fit & Active! (watch)


Troy Aikman likes to keep his workouts as varied as possible. He likes to lift weights 4 days a week and most days he runs up to 4 miles. Troy Aikman also adds biking into the mix. He looks at working out as a release for him as well as enjoying it!

The best advice Troy Aikman gives is to set small realistic goals because once you see results it is a lot easier to maintain that for the long haul. For him if he is not drenched in a sweat at some point in the day then he doesn’t feel he got a good workout.

Troy Aikman recommends protein rich foods such as lean chicken & meat as well as low calorie nutrient food like vegetables. This will give you energy without that weighted down feeling. He also suggests making physical activity a regular part of your life. Lets take a look and see how is workout routine worked for him!

Troy Aikman Always Works Hard To Keep Lean & Fit!