How to Use Shoulder Rehab Equipment to Your Advantage


Effective use of shoulder rehab equipment can mean the difference between a speedy and prolonged recovery. Any joint injury can substantially interfere with your ability to perform everyday tasks. The effects are far more pronounced if an injury or medical condition limits the movement of a key body joint, like the shoulder.

A comprehensive rehabilitation exercise program can not only put you on a path of speedy recovery but give you a quality of life back.

Rehabilitation exercises comprise a broad spectrum of physical activities, including some high level training. This is accomplished with the use of modern rehab equipment. Some of the most effective shoulder rehab equipment that can be used for increasing strength and motion in the shoulder include:


The Bodyblade is used extensively for both shoulder rehab in physical therapy and high intensity physical training for professional athletes. For rehab and strengthening, the bodyblade can be used for low intensity

shoulder bar

exercises to regain flexibility, full joint function and muscular strength. As part of your rehab exercise regime, this shoulder rehab equipment can be used in different capacities – the jab position to strengthen the trunk and entire shoulder complex, the throwing sequence for regaining full mobility, peck deck and chest press positions for muscle strength, and shoulder and back reach for improved flexibility.

 The Rotator and Therabands

Optimum internal and external rotation is critical for regaining full function of the shoulder joint. Such factors as injury, medical conditions, surgery or a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to limiting this movement gravely. The Rotator is widely used for restoring full shoulder movement with the help of strengthening and stretching exercises. This shoulder rehab equipment works on the principle of correcting the shoulder alignment with the rest of the body in order to bring back full rotation and movement all resistive bandsability. Therabands consist of resistive bands in various colors to increase the flexibility and strength of the shoulder especially after rotator cuff surgery. These bands allow a gradual increase of flexibility and strength following any shoulder procedure.

Shoulder Pulley

The shoulder pulley serves as inexpensive but effective piece of shoulder rehab equipment. The equipment can be installed in an overhead location such as door hinges at an accessible height with the help of metal brackets. Webbed straps hanging loose from these brackets can be used making a strong grip on the pulley handles. Features such as smooth pulley rollers, nylon strings and adjustable line of length are designed to offer a smooth and customized range of motion experience. This shoulder rehab equipment is ideal for many patients because it can be used at any time of the day in the comfort of your home. One of the initial home exercise programs following rotator cuff surgery is to start using the pulley pulleysystem.

Oscillation Bar

An oscillation bar works on the principle of using the state of inertia to induce muscular contractions. Application of a push or pull action on the bar leads to a generation of acceleration that causes the bar to flex. Applying resistance to this oscillating movement causes an external force leading to muscular contractions.This  ultimately contributes to muscle strengthening. The oscillation bar is an effective shoulder rehab equipment based on simple principles of force, inertia and oscillation. It can be used to create a customized exercise experience by altering the level of flexibility induced on the bar or changing resistance levels.


The different shoulder rehab equipment can be used independently or in combination to alleviate pain, restore strength and motion along the recovery process. However, it is always advisable to resort to their use only under guidance of a trained physical therapist, as correct usage is fundamental for best results.