Ways to Keep You Motivated in Workouts


People who exercise on a regular basis know that it produces a great feeling sometimes even called a natural high. That feeling is what keeps a lot of people off the couch and in the gym. It is also very common that in time motivation in workouts decreases and this is where your mind comes into play. At this point it is extremely important to add fun and excitement into your routine so that working out will be an enjoyable part of your day.

In this article I am going to give you a number of tips to spice up your workouts and not get bored!

-group-of-smiling-people-working-out-with-barbellsLets start with working out with a friend instead of solo. This creates a commitment and accountability and gives you that extra push to meet in the gym. It may even give that additional push in the workout because of the competition factor. If you cannot find a friend join a class which will definitely make the time go faster.

Most people plan their exercise routine on the clock. Switch gears and plan your workout on the exercise routine and not the clock.

headphonesOne of the best ways to keep you motivated in workouts is music. It is the best way to keep you energetic so create that perfect playlist. If the music makes you want to dance then you are pumped!

If you want to go tech you can look into dynamic video games that can be more exciting than traditional workouts. Bringing in the social factor will make exercise fun and promote fitness at the same time. You can join a cycling club, runners club, softball league or do group exercise on the beach or park.

If you have a concern that exercise is taking up too much of your schedule shorten the workouts. Short with intensity will also build strength and endurance. It has been proven 30 minutes of purposeful exercise will produce great results. Getting down to business without chatting will work! Perform the more difficult exercises in the middle and leave the easier for the beginning and end of the workout.

measuring your resultsSeeing results of your hard labor is probably the best motivating factor. Learn how to measure your progress, look at it carefully and it is instant motivation. Get competitive either with your workout partner or yourself. Winning becomes enjoyable.

If you speak with a workout guru one thing that comes into mind is that you must add new and challenging exercises to you routine. The change will hike you mental stimulation and keeps the excitement going.

If you find that you have done many things to keep motivated in exercise and it is not working, than it is time to bring in a personal trainer. It is up to the trainer now to get you motivated and manage the clock.

Group-of-people-exercisingMoving workouts to the great outdoors changes the scenery thus a new source of motivation towards exercising.

Today there are a number of fitness apps that create innovative workout routines.

If your preference is learning instead of music you can download educational pod casts to “kill two birds with one stone” as the saying goes.

Finally give your self a reward after working out. This can be purchasing new clothes, drinking a shake or scheduling a massage. This will keep you motivated in workouts at the highest level.

I have given you many ideas of how to keep motivated in exercising but what is most important is knowing the true benefits of staying in shape.